uhhuh E æ flink til å gjør perfekt om til greit
E æ flink til å gjør perfekt om til greit
[aph Norway RP blog]

Velkommen til bloggen min.
I'm Norge, or Noreg - also known as the Kingdom of Norway.
You can call me Erik if you wish.

I don't really understand how this thing works, but someone said it's good to keep up with modern times - so here I am.

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15 Mins of Magic by OleHenrikSkjelstad


Statoil Hydro Building Oslo, Norway. Mats Anda


The Seven Sisters waterfall Geiranger, Norway

The Seven Sisters  is the 39th tallest waterfall in Norway. The waterfall consists of seven separate streams, and the tallest of the seven has a free fall that measures 250 metres (820 ft).source: 500px


Port Of Reine | Norway by Max Rive


Traditional Bridal costume from Eastern Telemark, Norway. Early 1800s.

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