uhhuh E æ flink til å gjør perfekt om til greit
E æ flink til å gjør perfekt om til greit
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Why “Bondevik” as Norway’s surname isn’t a very good choice.


Bondevik ….a Norwegian surname. Sounds familiar? Probably, if you’ve stumbled across enough Norway-human-names, for both genders. I just came across a fem!Norway called “Lene Bondevik”, and please let me rant about this choice of a last name for a Norway.

Would you name England Arthur Cameron or Arthur Brown? How does Ivan Putin or Ivan Medvedev sound? Maybe America as Alfred Obama or Alfred Bush, or Germany as Ludwig Merkel or Ludwig Schröder? How about Kiku Koizumi? Ana Caldéron for Mexico, Mohammad Ahmedinejad for Iran?

Probably not.

Then please have a look at this guy:

His name is Kjell Magne Bondevik. He was the Norwegian Prime minister from 1997 to 2000 and from 2001 to 2005. Bondevik is a pretty rare name, unlike for example Bush. So basically you  make “Norway” “this certain prime minister”. Which… to me it is a lot like reducing the whole country to this one man’s views and political actions etc, which seems just rude and weird because like all the nations, Norway is a sum of many people with many different opinions, and not a single one of them, not Kjell Bondevik and not anyone else, is 100% Norway. (Plus the character “Norway” has his own personality).

Just… think about it. Alfred Obama sounds ridiculous, and there are a lot of Norwegian last names that are much more common out there that the really rare Bondevik. “But Hetalia has a lot of ridiculous names!” Yes. But (Lukas/Lene) Bondevik isn’t official, like the first name Berwald, Eduard von Bock for an Estonian, or the last name Vargas for the Italies. You don’t have to use it to live up to canon because it is not canon.

You have every possibility in the world to find your own name. For a first bout of inspiration, look here for example.

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