uhhuh E æ flink til å gjør perfekt om til greit
E æ flink til å gjør perfekt om til greit
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Velkommen til bloggen min.
I'm Norge, or Noreg - also known as the Kingdom of Norway.
You can call me Erik if you wish.

I don't really understand how this thing works, but someone said it's good to keep up with modern times - so here I am.

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Traditional folk costume from Setesdal, Norway. 
 Scandinavian Folklore by Laila Durán


Traditional Bridal costume from Eastern Telemark, Norway. Early 1800s.


May 17th is the national day of Norway. Solveig (left) is wearing a Norwegian folk costume called bunad. Frida (right) is wearing a Swedish folk costume (she is from Sweden).


very late for May 17th!

but any day is a good excuse to draw Norway~


(( This might be late in Norway but it’s still the 17th of May where I live ^^; 

So yeah, I hope that the Norwegians had a fun celebration today! And get ready for the Eurovision finals tomorrow! ))


A little late because I’ve been a total lazy bum lately but…

Happy National Day Norway!


17th of may!
the Norwegian constituition day


Country Girl from Dalen, Telemark, Norway. 1905


Norwegian folk costumes (“bunads”). 


Norwegian “bunads”. I love them.


“This bunad from Hjörunfjord has a pretty black hat with silk ribbons tied under the chin. The birch-bark horn, was very popular as an “accessorie” on photos taken in the early 20st century. In real life, it was used to call the cows back from the pasture to the barn.”

Text and photo: Laila Duran ©

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