uhhuh E æ flink til å gjør perfekt om til greit
E æ flink til å gjør perfekt om til greit
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Velkommen til bloggen min.
I'm Norge, or Noreg - also known as the Kingdom of Norway.
You can call me Erik if you wish.

I don't really understand how this thing works, but someone said it's good to keep up with modern times - so here I am.

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New Money


"…Oh." Not much in terms of a verbose answer but beneath the succinct filler was relief. There were things that stayed the same and what most comforted her was that it seemed her newfound favorite hobby was one of them. Cecilia wondered if she still coveted being catered to in stores. Did she still appreciate every crisp box and tissue paper carefully wrapping her new, precious things? The feel of clothes tailored exactly to fit and flatter, cloaking her in new fabric sewn with such care?

Wine swirled in the crystal glass, the woman sipped as she surveyed the living room once more. Curtains taken into account, every chair, the wood of the furniture, the new seeming things she couldn’t even begin to name, the knick knacks that at first glance she could tell were accented with real jewels although minimalist for her tastes. She was still prosperous, that much was painted throughout every nook and cranny of the room. Everything, every absurd idea was worth it. 

"Is it a crime to drink my own wine in my own house now?" Looking up to Erik, framed photograph in her spare hand even her spotty look at his judgement was tainted with a smile. "My citizens are doing well." Not a question, a statement as she lazily sipped at the glass. That is until she saw him leave again which simply wouldn’t do despite her still unpleasant regard for the man.

Setting the picture down on the mantle, Cecilia followed him into the kitchen under the guise of peeking inside a pantry.

"Not at all, glad the wine I chose is to your tastes," he winked at her, "That they are…" he shrugged before disappearing into the kitchen. Her people were doing very well and probably would be doing so for another few years in not centuries.

Erik hummed to himself as he made another cup of coffee, briefly checking the cupboards for something edible. He could cook something, take his mind of stuff.
"Hmmmm," he bit his lip and regarded the contents of the fridge. 
"Soup or pasta?" he mumbled to himself, figuring there was definitely enough of something to make a decent meal out of.

Track: Will You Be There
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But they told me; a man should be faithful, and walk when not able, and fight ‘til the end but i’m only human…

Everyone’s taking control of me. Seems that the world’s got a role for me
I’m so confused; will you show to me you’ll be there for me and care enough to bear me

New Money



Erik was grumbling and muttering to himself. Not at all happy, but at least the quiet office and the cup of coffee was soothing his soul somewhat.

He fired up the computer and resigned himself to at least maybe getting some work done while this madness played out.
Now, what was her password again?
Erik hummed a little before typing it in, checking e-mails first and then begin the dull process of reading everything else sent to him.

He hoped Cécile would be back to normal soon. He didn’t think anyone could be so ill suited to one another, but clearly the passage of time had made them compatible. It was probably for the best they’d never really met or talked much in the past.

Erik heard the phone ring and then the sound of running before her pleas and knocks tore him away from his work.

"Noise?" he asked as he opened the door, leaning against the doorframe and glancing towards the living room. "Oh… the phone," he snorted and rolled his eyes. "That’s what bothering you?" he sighed, but made his way back to the living room regardless.

He glanced at the screen as he picked it up from the table, answering it politely.
"You’ve reached Cécile’s cellphone, she’s not here at the moment, can I take a message?" not a complete lie he thought to himself as the rather surprised and baffled boss replied that it really wasn’t anything important or urgent and that he’d phone back later.
"I’ll tell her you’ve phoned when she comes back," Erik said, "Have a good day," he hung up and placed the phone back down on the table.

"Your current boss in this year says hello," he said before walking back to the office.

She stared. The woman didn’t even know where to start. It was all scrambling in her head so much it ached. Why did it make that awful noise? What trick possess the object to light up? Where were the voices coming from? This Norway was talking at it- The entire thing was like out of a surreal story. 

"Current boss-Charles III and Antoinette are dead…? Of course they would be at this alleged year but…" Her gaze fell to the floor, fingers wrinkling in the fabric of her dress. She needed to sit and soon. Strange inventions, unfamiliar furniture, her rulers have long passed- It was too much. Just too much to take in.

No,” she murmured faintly as she sat back down on the couch wary to ensure the man left. Timidly reaching to the coffee table, her hands reached for the far too glossy books and magazines. September 2014. “No.” September 2014. “No.” September 2014- Cecilia’s breaths came shallow. This wasn’t right. This wasn’t right as all. 

That didn’t mean it wasn’t true.

There was one small mercy; the wine was kept in the same place it had always been.

Her expression was somewhat amusing. Erik didn’t doubt that he’d be just as scared and confused if he was in her situation. Yet, it was rather funny to see how a phone made her so worried.
"Yes, your boss in 2014. Nice enough guy from the little I’ve seen of him and the few times I’ve spoken to him. He’s also pretty good with accepting ‘out shopping’ as a valid excuse for why you’re not available," Erik flashed her a grin.

He figured he’d let her calm down some more, no need to make this worse than he already had. Erik grumbled to himself - he probably owed her an apology. 

At least in the office he could pretend everything was normal for another hour or two, although after a while he really felt like more coffee.
Mug in hand he walked past the living room, pausing as he spotted the opened bottle of wine and Cécile.
"Wine this early?" he laughed softly and shook his head, disappearing into the kitchen for another cup of coffee.



Vegan Black Metal Chef - Soupocalypse

Why don't you use magic to change things? make your life easier?

Because I learnt my lesson a long time ago about using magic for selfish reasons.

Just because I can doesn’t mean I will. The easy solutions magic offer are seldom as easy as they seem at first. There’s always a sacrifice, or a toll if you so wish, that has to be given in exchange for a spell. Small things are okay. They don’t need much. But the larger and more complicated spell is the more it requires in return.

An easy life was not what shaped me to who I am today, and while some things would be good to change, magic isn’t the answer.
I’d rather try with hard work first.

Not to mention that magic likes to come back to the caster at threefold or more. Magic is meant to be used for good. Using it for bad just means you end up having an even worse time yourself than what you did before you cast any spell or curse.

Do you ever prank people using your magic?

Heh, of course~

Please repost!

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Name of your muses.

Erik Sørensen

One picture you like best of your muse’s fc. 



Two headcanons you have for your muse that you never told anyone. 

1. He both loves and hates the cross barrette, and it’s now more out of habit than anything else that he wears it. However; it feels weird to not have it on him at all times, so sometimes he just sticks it onto his tie as a tie pin or in his breast pocket.

2.  He’s rather judgemental a lot of the times, but is pretty good at just keeping silent about any prejudice he may hold.

Three things that your muse loves doing in their free time. 

Hiking/climbing, sailing, fishing, skiing, gardening, making small and intricate little things.

Four people that your muse loves.

Denmark (Kingofscandinavia),  Iceland, Sweden, Monaco (monacomonoikos), Finland

Three fond childhood memories.  

1. Running around the forest with his fea-folk family.
2. The first time he got to go onto a boat and actually sail across the ocean
3. Sitting around an open fire with his bothers and listening to their father tell stories from his many battles.

Two things your muse regrets.  

- Not being able to stand his own ground, falling under several unions because his people were too few.
- Not being truthful and ruining a few relationships by simply telling everyone he was fine.

One thing they’d go through heaven or hell to save/change.  

 Save: his people and probably his family.
Change: his own weakness throughout history and his failure to keep his people safe from invading countries.

Tag ten people to do the same thing.
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