uhhuh E æ flink til å gjør perfekt om til greit
E æ flink til å gjør perfekt om til greit
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Velkommen til bloggen min.
I'm Norge, or Noreg - also known as the Kingdom of Norway.
You can call me Erik if you wish.

I don't really understand how this thing works, but someone said it's good to keep up with modern times - so here I am.

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Meet the family

Erik had debated and thought about this for a few days now, and reached the conclusion that seeing as he had been dating Cécile for a year - it was perhaps time to introduce her to his father.

Scandia had thought it a good idea.
And Cécile had met the rest of his family, how much worse could it be?

Erik shuddered. Oh it could be so, so, so very much worse.

Coffee and cakes.
That was all he had invited them both over for; but now Erik was wondering if meeting in a public place would have been better.
Too late for that.

Drumming his fingers against the kitchen counter, he wondered if he could get away with taking a cigarette before either of them arrived. He hadn’t smoked in years; but right now it sounded like such a great idea.
He wasn’t looking for Scandias approval - well; maybe a little.
However; it would be nice if they could at least be civil around one another…

Erik sighed.
He really hoped this would go well.

A knock on the door pulled him out of his mental image of everything going to hell. ‘Here goes nothing’ he thought as he opened the door.


You never told me you found yourself a woman. /is he hurt? Maybe a little bit, actually/


Monaco? I do not recognize the name.

But I would enjoy meeting her, I am sure. You have better taste than your eldest brother, I can almost guarantee that.

Didn’t think there was much point telling you before… Nor did I think you’d actually care. [/no regret, no remorse. take that far]

She’s related to France…
Figured a cup of coffee with her wouldn’t be too crazy of an idea… you know, if you behave.
Ugh, it’s the 21’st century Far, wake up and smell the gay. it’s everywhere now. Get used to it. [/better yet, embrace it]


-Sleeping on a park bench, using a duffle bag as a pillow.-


-He was planning on travelling some more lately but a nap seems to be his priority at the moment.-

Out of all the people Erik expected to bump into while strolling through a park in Copenhagen - it was not Chris (although it wasn’t actually that surprising - considering who he was). 
He’d dropped off some stuff for Mathias earlier, and was now on his way to get some lunch before heading back home.

However; the sleeping teen caught his attention. It wasn’t often their paths crossed.

"Hey," Erik nudged the teen’s foot with his own shoe.
"You look like a homeless runaway sleeping here like that,"


Erik I betcha my whole house that it goes better than mine did, yeh?


If it only goes half as bad as yours; I’ll bake you a cake every week for a month


…This is not something “maybe” can serve as an answer for.


Is there something you need to tell me? Go on, spit it out.

Oh fuck off [/frowns]

Well… I’ve been seeing, uh, dating Monaco for a year now. Figured it was maybe time she met you… 



//been dating Cécile for almost a year now
//maybe time to introduce her to Far?
//maybe not?


/he sensed inner turmoil having to do with him, so he is here/


Having a bit of trouble, my boy?

[/fuck you and your fucking senses. Now I know where I get it from.]

How did you…?? Never mind…

Uh. Kind of. Not really? Maybe?
ehh….. [/scratched his head. where to start]

//been dating Cécile for almost a year now
//maybe time to introduce her to Far?
//maybe not?



Well! We got five days! Between us? We’ll get it done by then!

I mean! We’ve just-! I just don’t think he cares a whole lot. I think maybe scars are just somethin’ to hide fer him. N’ink just looks cool. No reason to tell a tale ‘bout it anyways when everything happened over a thousand years ago, right? *chuckles…*

As much as I like Disney, I know it ain’t that simple. Never is. I’d say tryin’ to age me quickly might do it. Change whatever curse this is instead’v just takin’ it away? We can worry about that later on.

Also… if ya need anythin’ from me, let it be something simple like blood? Or hair? Got tons'v that now.

please don’t tell me I need t’do you.

Four days more like it. My anniversary with Cécile is tomorrow…so… youre on your own then. I’ll help afterwards of course.

[/frowns] But those were stories and memories… urgh [/shakes his head] Forget it. Your body your choices.
[/he may be slightly bitter but now’s maybe not the time to tell him that]

Hm, possibly. But you know how magic likes to screw with everyone. You might end up going from looking like your son to looking like Far. [/he can’t help but chuckle a little, despite the seriousness of the situation]

[/grumbles] I could maybe manage something with hair and a little blood. That should appease the gods so to speak…

Ugh no. Sorry to disappoint you, but I’ve moved away from that kind of magic these days. Unless Cécile wants something, then maybe I’ll pick it up again [/laughs]



Well! I mean! Maybe?

I think that happened. But that’s ‘cause of everythin’ ya put on me back in tha day. I could brush off fire back then like it was nothin’ but that wasn’t all me.

'Sides that's a state of mind I just don't have anymore… normally. So I don't think I can break it by m'self.

Hopefully I don’t keep tha scars. Or tha tattoos. He don’t really seem interested in ‘em either. So I show up like that? …no.

//sheepish hand rub through hair

What do I have t’do?

Yes… I remember that… heh, good times.
[/shrugs] It’s harder to break something if you don’t know the source or caster… so I’m not sure how long this can take.

Jett doesn’t like scars or tattoos? Wow, You’re dating the wrong guy [/chuckles]

Hmm, [/Erik sighs and crossed his arms]
I’m actually not a hundred percent sure. I suppose there’s a way to reverse it; sadly it’s not as easy as getting a kiss from your one true love [/winks]

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